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    Fred Perry Polo Shirts

    Hey guys, looking to gather opinions...

    Fred Perry polo shirts- obviously iconic, and probably one of the easiest ways to be stylish there is, right?
    I really like that whole mod look. Own a pair of Clark's desert boots would love to pair this with too. I just think its one of those items that are simply too classic not to own.

    Do you reckon having it done up all the way is essential for that? That style doesn't really suit me, but concerned that having it open-necked just detracts from that whole iconic aesthetic.
    Also, obviously this is just a matter of sheer opinion - but what colours do people own/like?


    Cheers & Happy New Year ! x

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    It certainly don't have to do it all the way up, never do something if it doesn't suit you or you feel uncomfortable, it just won't work. I have often found that the different collars they put on their polos can quite drastically change the way it looks so it's worth bearing this in mind.

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    I have 2 Fred Perry tipped polo shirts. (one burgundy and one white) The models over at ASOS really showcase the mod look well, since the polo shirts are usually paired with dark indigo slim jeans or navy/stone coloured chinos and desert boots or brogues. So I suggest you have a look around the ASOS Fred Perry section (or google) and see how the models wear them. Bear in mind that all of the models have them buttoned all the way up!

    Also, since it's your first polo shirt, I suggest you get the white one since it's the most iconic and versatile. (make sure it's the tipped polo, not the plain one)

    PS If you're thinking about getting a navy polo shirt, in my opinion the Navy Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirt is a lot more classic than Fred Perry.

    For reference these are the ones I own: (I suggest you get the white one)

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