Hi people!

Hope everyone had a good Xmas and New years!

I bought a Alexander Mcqueen McQ casual shirt today that I been wanting for ages but one size bigger. Usually I am size small but some items can be a little too small for me so I thought I might as well try one size bigger as it did say its Italian size so its inbetween Small and Medium.

Here is the shirt I bought: http://images.sereneorder.com/images...9-86154700.jpg

The sides are shorter and the hem seems to curve into longer towards the middle.

Just got 3 questions for you people.

1. Is this meant to be worn tucked in or out? If out then is it too long if it reaches middle of my thighs? Its about inch longer then my Desigual shirt.
2. If its too long, can it be made shorter by a inch without ruing it?
3. Does the rest of it look ok apart from length?

Here is a really bad quality webcam picture of me wearing it, can hardly see it so I apologize in advance.

imgur: the simple image sharer

Thank You!