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    How To Fold & Wear Triangular Scarf?

    Hi all,

    New around here, but have been reading Fashionbeans articles for a while.

    I recently purchased a triangular scarf in the sales without really thinking, and I'm a at a bit of a loss as how to fold and wear it. I've seen the great article on here about scarves, and while mine is similar to a desert scarf, the edges that the tassels are on make it tricky to fold into a similar fold to the desert scarf.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Just put the pointy edges round behind your neck and then pull them down in front?

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    Sure - have the widest area in front and the edges hanging besides them. Like Pin Money said you could sinply take the edges round behind your nexk and pull the down in front of you. The the scarf will be sitting totally fine. Actually ofte you change a squared scarf to a triangular scarf before you style it.

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