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    Recommendations on Tailors in London and Manchester


    I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for tailors in London or Manchester? Or even recommendations on how I go about finding one?

    I'm not really looking for suits at this stage but would like to have a Navy blazer made.

    I'm not sure how important this information is in finding a suitable tailor but on the whole:
    • I'm looking for a modern and slim cut.
    • I'm happy for the design, features and material to be quite traditional.
    • I'm tall and relatively skinny, but I have broad shoulders (finding off the peg items is tough)
    • I'm also hoping to avoid 'paying for the label' and prestige of a tailor but I appreciate I may have to do this to get assured quality.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    I also wanted to add what a great site this seems to be, with plenty of useful information. I hope to learn a lot from it.


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