Hey guys i'm new to this forum. I joined mainly because of this topic i just posted seeking advice from anyone with bespoke suiting experience. Though i like to think of myself as a fashionable man, I am new to this area as most of my suits are off the rack.

Quick background about me, This is actually my first year as a private psychologist. I was inspired to get into fashion by one of my favorite shows "Frasier". Its old, I know but being in a similar profession, I relate to the plot of the show and I believe it is wise to look your best.

I love my job and most importantly, I would like to be percieved in a certain light among my counterparts.

I was thinking of trying some overseas bespoke suit tailors to get a more exclusive branding instead of the overly and comonly worn US brands. I hear WW chan is great or Tailor Dave in shanghai. They have reasonable prices compared to their Italian competitors.

I also know of Iketuonye, which is were i currently shop for men's trousers and waistcoats but i have never tried their custom suits.

I commented on Iketuonye on another guy's thread but if anyone knows of WW Chan, Tailor Dave or Iketuonye suits please share your wisdom. I'm not interested in any cheap alternatives i know of many bespoke brands offering cheap suits made of mixed fabrics instead of real 100% wools and cashmeres. This is not what i want. I would rather pay for high quality suits that will last like my first Armani suit i bought just because of Frasier and how much they blatantly advertised the brand. I am looking for a custom suit tailor similar in luxury quality and a brand with a great name. My mind is pretty much made up between either the highly spoken of WW Chan in Shanghai or the more expensive luxury brand Iketuonye.

I'm also open to any british brands you guys may know of that make custom shoes and ties.
I like my clothing with a Euro fit, slim and classy.