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    Creative Fashion Project Help!!!! (Student Crisis)

    Hi there everyone. I am a final year student and am doing a module entitled 'creative fashion project'. The output can be anything at all (photoshoot, window display etc) and the brief is very vague so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas at all about what I could produce. I need to decide ASAP and am at an absolute loss. In terms of inspiration I had in mind the skyline, travel, or even 50 shades of grey but how that translates into a creative fashion piece is where I get stuck. Any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated!!!!
    Many thanks in advance

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    Do a photoshoot / lookbook or something.

    Call it something intriguing that will force you to work within its parameters: for eg "urban opulence" or "beautiful decay"... make a list of some words that have opposite / contradictory meaning and that conjure up ideas. It will be way easier to get the creative juices flowing when you have settled on something.

    A few more off the top of my head:
    Bright darkness
    Forgotten future
    Dangerous cocoon
    Abundant hunger

    Try and do something that makes a statement / comment / observation about something you care about

    You get the idea, I hope that helps lol

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