I need some advice I want to change up my work wear but need some advice.

My dress code is shirts trousers shoes (no jeans or trainers)

At the moment I wear shirts that don't really fit me and black or grey formal trousers.

What I'm planning to wear:

new CTshirts 4x100 extra slim which I have brought received and love the fit of.
New Blazer/sport jackets currently I have 1 grey donegal sports jacket and 1 blue wool mix blazer I already own and 1 cotton navy blazer on order. Start wearing a tie

OK to the questions

Are knitted/wool ties a A/W only kind of thing or can I wear them into the S/S? Should I buy some cotton ties for S/S (I don't like silk or its price tag)

What sort of tie should I wear with a blue gingham shirt? Colour/plain/pattern?

Pocket Squares, Are they just hankerchiefs you don't use?

Pocket Squares, How to choose what goes with what?

Chinos, I'm thinking of getting Navy, Natural/camel and Black in some smarter chinos and pairing the navy/black with the grey sports jacket and the natural/camel with the navy and blue blazers? Does that "work"?

I've got some plain black oxford shoes and was thinking of getting a pair of brown half brogues (the ones I like have a toe cap rather than wingtips is that ok) I'm thinking the brogues are probably gonna become a staple once I can afford the (come on next months paycheck)