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    Denim Jacket

    Whats up style icons,

    My first post so be gentle.
    Thinking of getting over the 90s and cowboy implications and investing in a denim jacket as a spring/summer jacket.
    I'll wear it maybe over tee and grey zip up hoodie combo in spring, with some burgundy jeans (yes denim, but quite heavily dyed, so a completely different colour & texture) with some beat up desert boots, and just over a tee in summer probably with chinos and boat shoes for summer.

    I saw this one by Bellfield on the topman website I quite liked:

    But I want it to be quite a slim fit, sticking as close to my body along the sides as possible whilst still being able to fit a hoodie under it. On another website where it is on a model it looks like it might be a little bit of a boxy fit:

    Would a tailor be able to bring the sides in to be a little more snug on a denim jacket?
    In your highly esteemed opinions - what do you think of it? It might be me just being overly fussy. Has anyone seen a better one around the 45 mark?

    Thanks guys.

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    Despite my perpetual hatred for Topman, the first jacket is nice, and my own denim jacket is from Topman. I wouldn't personally bother using a tailor for such a casual piece. Find one that fits from the highstreet in the way you described and wear it to death. I live in mine when I'm going casual.
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    Looks like a boxy fit tbh

    I have a Zara one which was about that price and is super snug

    You do have to be careful with the fit of these - it can come across 90s throwback stylee if it ain't quite right

    Agree with Nath - wouldn't bother tailoring

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    Hmmm something about that jacket looks a little off to me but I can't quite put my finger on what it is. Jean jackets are a great staple piece but I think you should keep looking, you're bound to find something that fits and looks better.

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    New guy

    I think the center button up area may be a tad bit too wide.
    I had an IMKing denim vest with the black hoodie sewn in it..
    I got sick of the black on black so I cut out the hoodie and i just pair it with my
    ash colored pullover hoodie. I love the denim.

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