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    Hey fellas, I need a little direction..

    I'm after a good quality leather jacket. I've seen three I like.. - a Superdry (195), a Diesel (420), and an AllSaints (350).

    Whilst these are great, I'd like a better idea of where I can look - either online, or the highstreet.

    Can anyone give me a heads up?! These are the jackets / styles I'm after, just FYI

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    You could just search eBay. All Saints leathers can be picked up for 100, maybe less, potentially more, depending on the jacket in question.

    For isntance, I have this AS jacket (the ruck leather jacket) I am about to sell, and I'd be happy to take 100 for it (it's a medium)

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    I guess it depends whether you want something very contemporary or classic.

    I have had crushed/distressed leather style jackets before that are similar to the 2nd image of the 3 and I'm personally not a fan anymore.

    I will be making a new leather purchase at some point this year and have my eye on this in Reiss, which is slightly more classic and I believe will date less:

    Reiss's A/W leather jackets ended up around 200 in the sale so you can pick some good bargains up.

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