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    Denim Jacket?

    Recently purchased a burgundy bomber jacket from asos, i like it, however have had some comments from people saying they thought it was a leather jacket unfortunately (not the look i was hoping for!)..

    For spring, im looking to add to my bomber jacker (which im now unsure of due to the above comments), and the light blue denim jacket and american apparel hoodies i currently rock... any ideas?!
    I have come across this ASOS | ASOS Denim Jacket With Acid Wash at ASOS which i like but im unsure of..

    So, my 3 questions to you fashionistas are:

    1) ASOS | ASOS Bomber Jacket at ASOS
    This is the burgundy bomber jacket, does it look like a leather jacket? Should i return it/attempt to sell it if it does? Is that a bad look?

    2) What spring jackets are you looking at? For casual wear, that may see you through summer too..

    3) The black denim acid wash jacket i pasted above... what can be worn with that? is it possible to wear black denim jackets with anything other than chinos?!

    Actually, while we're at it, i shall throw a 4th question at you lot!

    What footwear should I be looking to cop for casual looks this spring? Iv currently got blue desert boots, converses, vans, tassel loafers, but I need something more versatile...
    Im thinking puma suedes, air max's or new balance however EVERYONE seems to be rocking these at the moment, and Im not sure if I actually like them or if its just a fad?
    Aside from these, any other recommendations.

    I understand there's a lot of questions here guys, but ANY help answering these would be hugely appreciated
    Thanks guys

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    Q1) looks good, looks nothing like leather.. Well at least in that picture it doesn't
    Q2) I live in Arizona so a summer jacket is out but I do like this letterman cardigan from Stüssy
    Q3) I would go with maybe lively colors with this jacket, maybe like a blue, green or red hoodie. Pants? Blue jeans and shoes to match the hoodie or black kicks
    Q4) and lastly shoes.. zuriick if u like the very simple look. I also like New Balance, but if you can try and find some high tops from them. for boots I have some from Palladium(brown) I'm still new with boots.

    Wow that was a little long, but I hope this helps haha..

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    - The bomber jacket doesn't look leather - not that that would be a bad thing anyway

    - Denim jackets are perfect for SS. New Look have a really nice one for cheap. Dunno bout the black acid-wash one. Not that versatile. I would buy a blue one and then some black acid wash jeans to go with it if that's something you're into.

    - Given the footwear you already have, I'd get some Nike Airs. There are a lot of less obvious styles about if you look online, especially eBay. Good running shoes are super comfy which is good for long summer days out and they also give a look a different edge.

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    On the jacket front, I have that exact same bomber and I wouldn't say it looked leather. Prior to it arriving I was worried it would have a nylon sheen but I think the material is quite nice. Only gripes are the square block shoulders and a couple of loose threads. I also considered sending it back or selling it because of these reasons but since wearing it have had a few people compliment me on it so might be a keeper for the warmer month(s).
    Coincidentally I also bought a denim jacket last week, a stonewash Levi's vintage number. Not too sure on the fit of it though as it's wide in the shoulders. If I can find a better fitting one then I'll offload this one but between those two jackets and a couple of overshirts I think I'm quite well equipped for the coming months in terms of jackets.

    To quickly give a few answers to your questions, keep the jacket, it'll come in handy. You could pair the black denim jacket with black jeans. I think in theory any bottoms that aren't indigo/navy denim would work okay along with any chinos/cords. Shorts could be an option if dressed correctly though I think that might be a bit of an awkward look. In terms of shoes, I have a penchant for garish Air Max and the like but through the summer I always prefer slimline skate styles like a Janoski.

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