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    Burgundy boots?

    I have recently bought a pair of burgundy Dr. Martens style boots from H&M.
    However, I find it quite hard to merge into my wardrobe. I wear them with red\burgundy trousers (as seen in my pic here), or with these light blue jeans.

    Any ideas for these boots? Can it work on summer as well, or with more tailored outfits?
    And finally, should I tuck the pants in? Some people say it makes your legs shorter.

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    They look cool in the pic mate

    Treat them like you would any brown boots. That's the beauty of burgundy / oxblood leather goods tbh.

    Definitely tuck the trousers in. I don't really see the point of boots if you can't tell you are wearing them! It's loads edgier too.

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