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    Tie & Pocket Square with dark brown suit?


    So, I bought this suit - yeah, it's from Topman, but I'm not made of money:

    In person, the suit looks a little more tweed-like and woolly. I'm off to a wedding at the end of the month and just wondering what tie/pocket square combination would be best.

    I was thinking maybe a plain white shirt, burgundy tie with ivory polkadots and maybe a lighter coloured paisley pocket square?

    Maybe I'm completely barking up the wrong tree, which is why I'm here I guess! Any help would be appreciated!


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    That outfit sounds pretty good! Pocket square-wise I'd say try a pattern which picks up the burgundy from the tie but not as the main colour...a paisley would be nice, maybe with a blue base? If nothing else, plain white is a failsafe option and goes with the shirt.

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    I'd probably think of matching them at a wedding tbh, or going for the white pocket sq. as Sheepy up there suggested.

    Pretty much any col. goes with that suit & shirt combo, so the burgundy would work well and be seasonal. It's a joyous occasion though, so perhaps an injection of gaiety via the medium of colour would go down swimmingly; particularly if the wedding is of someone you are close to.

    Reiss have a selection of light & bright sqs. at the moment; I think that the juxtaposition between the ethereal pocket square and the rugged fabric of the suit would be a nice touch.

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