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    The Sartorial Inspiration Thread

    Does what it says on the tin. A thread to post and discuss outfits that inspire you and give you ideas, whether they be in lookbooks, on blogs, on this site itself or even (shock horror) in real life.

    To start us off, I saw a guy on campus today wearing a mid-grey, textured suit with black Docs and a cream/beige plain crew neck tee. It's an outfit I'd never dream of putting together because the pieces seem so disparate; the suit was fairly structured, well cut without being Topman-skinny, but somehow worked with the informality of the bulky boots and the t-shirt. Also, the contrasts at play made it interesting despite the lack of colour. He had great hair too, which always helps. It inspired me to play around with mixing formal and casual a bit more and generally being a bit freer with what I wear...and gave me some good ideas for when I eventually get a decent suit.

    A second one from longer ago comes from the slightly unusual source of one of my examiners in a clinical skills exam last year; he was wearing a white and blue gingham shirt with a plaid bow tie. Made me think I should a) wear bow ties for clinical (normal ties are out due to infection control) and b) not be afraid to mix patterns.
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