Right, I apologise in advance if this is felt outside the remit of this forum, however, I thought you guys would be able to help, and if not you might just get a laugh

Iíve got a fancy dress party coming up in just under a weekís time, the theme is 999, to go slightly outside the box Iíve managed to bag an authentic (and lightly used) coastguard formal jacket!

Itís basically like the jacket these guys are wearing: Swanage Coastguard: Uniform - No 1's so black and double breasted with those fancy buttons, oh and mine is Ďlacedí for a district officer so itís got gold bands around the wrists!

Iím pretty happy with this, itís a near on perfect if slightly snug fit too J - Now I need to decide what to wear with itÖ

I was thinking a simple but decent white shirt, Iíve got one a little bit like this Slim Fit White Poplin Shirt | T.M.Lewin but with burgundy strips inside the collar (itís quite subtle).

For the bottom side of things I was thinking of these Dope Texel but mine are a few years old so more faded and nicely worn, or for a more outlandish look these: Selected | Selected Cord Trousers at ASOS (which are brand new at the moment!)

Iíve not quite got to the footwear or any kind of accessories stage, basically I want fancy dress which enters into the spirit of things without looking like an idiot!