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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex View Post
    Before everyone starts rocking the backpocket square look, don't forget the back pocket bandaan code, in case you sign yourself up for more than you bargained for, especially brown pocket squares!

    Handkerchief code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Wow! Oh my god! Alex, you are potentially a life (and arse) saver!

    I think to pull off the look in general, it would work better with a more subtle handkerchief, maybe with less showing. Maybe, maybe not. Oh I don't even know any more. Just glad I didn't go strolling around with one hanging out of my back pocket.

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    Yeah, not for me. As William has said thinks it comes of as a bit try hard, when its trying to be the opposite. Looks great in a photo somewhere, but I recon a couple months after you've tried this you might wonder what you were thinking.

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