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    Wedding Suit, HELP!!

    hello please help,

    I have bought several suits from Debenhams for my wedding and now want to match a waistcoat (hopefully the same colour). t
    The suit is Red Herring plain suit. If i cant find one that matches then any thing that goes with it.

    Grateful of any suggestions.

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    In terms of finding anything matching, there's not any substitute for comparing the cloth on the suit with any odd waistcoats you see. I once got lucky and found a waistcoat in M&S that matched a suit I had perfectly but it is hit and miss.

    As an alternative, I'd suggest a very light grey or off white waistcoat. They can go very well with a darker blue suit. There is then no need to worry about matching cloth in colour or texture. A double breasted waistcoat would be particularly smart.

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