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    Blue suede tassel loafers - Things to match with


    Would appreciate any help on this one.

    I have a pair of neutral to light blue suede tassel loafers & I'm struggling to find much of a variation of coloured trousers to wear them with.

    Obviously I've paired them with stone coloured chinos mainly, but I'm concerned at a lack of versatility for them.

    Any suggestions would be great.

    Another question I have is how they match up in an outfit I'm intending on wearing to a forthcoming event. I'm thinking of wearing the following...

    Darkened navy checked blazer
    White oxford shirt
    Stone coloured chinos
    Blue suede tassel loafers
    Pink socks
    Pocket square to either match the shoes or the socks
    Possibly pink knitted tie, although I'm mindful I may be trying to match it up too much by doing that.

    My problem is, I'm concerned that the navy blazer may be a little too dark to match up with the shoes? And then I'm slightly concerned about what colour belt to wear with this?

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    You could try white chino's with the above outfit but swap the white shirt for light blue or pastel yellow one. I wouldn't go with the pink pocket square, how about a navy with white polka dots one instead.
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