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    Facial Tanner

    Want some opinions from people who use fake tan, bronzers, or tinted moisturizers.

    I don't particularly like to use sunbeds often but find using some tan on my face every morning looks substantially better than without it. Much healthier look than the pasty 'I look tired' look. Currently using amre solaire, don't rate it that well seems to cause spots quite easy and the colour isn't the best.


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    You need to use a dedicated tanner for the face to minimise breakouts.

    Depends if you want a daily product that you apply in the morning and washes off at night or a proper tan that you apply at night and leaves you tanned for 3-4 days.

    James Read do several products - a face tanner in light or medium. A BB cream that also tans the skin. And a sleep mask that tans the skin overnight while also hydrating it.

    St Tropez also do a gradual face tanner or for something even darker a bronzing lotion for the face.

    One that is good for not adding more oil to the skin and hopefully minimising spots is the Clarins Liquid Bronze self tanning for face. I'd give this one a go as it's non greasy and provides good even colour and you don't have to be a pro at applying - it's very forgiving.

    Hope that helps.

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