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    Being a 'big' guy

    I'm new to this forum but I've got a question for you all.

    My main hobby outside of my job is putting size on in the gym and I'm getting to the point where i look quite chunky.

    A lot of the sites i go on to buy clothes (like ASOS etc..) use really thin/skinny models to model the clothes on, the outfits look great on them but when they arrive they just don't look the same on me, i think its because of my body type. I'm wide in the shoulders so finding a good fit can be awkward.

    Is there anything people of the 'larger variety' should avoid etc?
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    At the moment a very skinny silhouette is very fashionable. It tends to suit very slim guys in their late teens and early twenties. Anyone with a bigger build or slightly older will probably not be flattered by it.

    What sort of clothes are you having trouble with?

    I'd certainly suggest that trousers with a straight cut would probably suit you better than the slim fitting ones that about. Many men with a large torso still have relatively slim legs and it is easy for slim fitting trousers to exaggerate this - you don't want to end up looking like Bender the Robot.

    In terms of tailoring, I'd suggest you find things that are more conservatively cut, simply. At the moment, many jackets have a very clean chest coupled with narrow lapels. If you are fairly well muscled this won't flatter you as much as a jacket that has a slightly roomier chest. Similarly, with a broad chest wider lapels will help to keep the jacket looking balanced.

    I should stress I'm not advocating jackets are too big across the chest, simply a more traditional English cut. Some suits and jackets, however, are designed so that the line of the chest cuts back smoothly into the shoulder and sleeve; others have just a touch of fullness in the chest (effectively a very slight drape). The difference might not even be one that you notice until you compare and contrast them. Cheaper jackets and suits aren't good at this sort of transition but take a look at suit jackets that have a canvass or half canvass construction and you'll see that some of them will be cut this way. That touch of extra space will round out your build and help the jacket to look balanced.

    Finally, have a look at the way others with a similar build dress. Think about Tom Hardy - big guy but looks good. His clothes in Inception are discussed on this site recently. Take a look and take note of the way the clothes are designed to flatter his body shape. The blazer jackets are soft and wide across the chest, but still tailored to give shape to him. The trousers aren't particularly narrow and by today's fashion standards are pretty wide - exactly the sort of cut that gives him balance helps to flatter.

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