Hiya there. I'm pretty new to the forum and am looking for some help completely changing my clothing style. I'm approaching thirty and have been living in jeans/t-shirts/trainers/hoodies my entire life and I have the feeling now that I'd really try to improve my look.

I was looking for a suggestion of a few different items to compliment what I've already been buying to give me a bit of advice how to put them together into range of outfits if you think thats possible?

I bought a couple of grey chambray shirts a while back and a pair of black trousers. I've recently bought a pair of burgundy slim corts and dark brown chinos. I got a tweed jacket off eBay that I really like. I wore it with a white shirt and slim black tie to a wedding recently and a friend complimented me on it and said I should wear shirt and tie more often so I'd like to go with that, but be able to keep it casual as well as dress it up for special occassions. I saw a couple of looks I liked: http://www.thedrum.com/uploads/drum_...s/caffreys.jpg

few things I wanted to know were:
1. Can a shirt and tie look work in casual situations?
2. What do you think of what I'm buying so far, is it on the right track or am I making huge mistakes?
3. Can you suggest other items it might be good to get to compliment what I already have? (Especially Footwear)
4. And could you suggest how to put these things together into outfits that look good?