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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay View Post
    That's a very old fashioned fit for a suit that the gent in the photos is wearing. Far too 'relaxed' for my liking especially in the trousers. Which is also the case with black shoes and a navy suit: old fashioned, dull, uninspired.

    Take a look around at folks in navy suits next time you're in the office/city centre/wherever. I guarantee you that on average the chaps with the brown/tan/oxblood shoes are fare more stylish with better attention to detail and better fitting suits than those wearing black shoes.

    JFK pioneered the tan/brwon shoe with the navy suit. That man knew a thing or two about style.
    I'm with you. It just isn't quite right.

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    I have a Navy puppytooth tux with black satin lapels... Where do you guys stand on that? I think that would look great with black shoes, although my favourite with that particular ensemble is my Navy tassel loafers.

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    Hmmm, I'm not sure about that one, Pins! For me, the brighter the blue, the easier it is to pull off with black with it as you get more of a contrast between the two colours. But it would seem odd to wear brown shoes with jacket that is navy and black. It's probably the rare occasion I'd go with black shoes, just for balance. But the navy loafers sound a good solid bet too.

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