Hi all, I have a black structured blazer, pretty streamlined and matte black (except some black leather detail around the collar). I'm on the road with a limited wardrobe i.e. a few trousers, and concerned about whether combinations work, with black dress shoes, and wanted to get your opinion about the best choice based on what I've got, especially regarding attending a performance at a large theatre.

* dark straight cut blue jeans - I think these work with the blazer, but they are jeans so they are casual! I don't have a tie, but can throw on a shirt (light blue with white collar and cuffs) a black well-fitting polo, a simple white T shirt, or an elegantly printed (short sleeved) shirt.

* faded black cotton trousers, military style, slightly tapered. Great, clean line with blazer but big concerns if this falls in the no-no realm of having two different blacks. The contrast between the blazer cloth and trouser cloth is not huge, but if you observe, it is clearly separate. The line works. How bad is the unmatched-black-on-black sin?

* Easy fit blue thin pin-striped cotton trousers, more relaxed and soft feel, and color would work fine with the jacket BUT the question here is whether the trousers are too summery in their fabric compared to the severe structure of the jacket. Is this kind of contrast just wrong?

In sum, the jeans I fear are too casual, the military trousers I fear too not spot-on with the black jacket, and the blue trousers I fear contrast in quality with the hard-lined jacket.

I'm going to have to go with one of them. Which is the best option for the theatre considering I'm in a pinch (and can't get a pair of new trousers)?

Thoughts? Opinions? Help!