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    Black velvet Jacket


    What are your thoughts on wearing a Black velvet jacket with black formal trousers for an event? It is a black velvet blazer with peaked lapels as follows (mine is not the same brand and is not as slim fit):

    I know the model on the picture is wearing black trousers with it although would it be outside the ordinary? Would it look ok with a white shirt and black bow tie?


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    Depends somewhat on the event.

    If it is a very formal dinner then only traditional black or white tie will do. That is not generally the case, however, and I have worn a black velvet dinner jacket with dress trousers to black tie events. So long as the event isn't too formal (and assuming you don't feel the urge to get a proper dinner suit), I'd go for it. If it fits well, you'll definitely look a lot better than you would wearing a poorly made and fitted rental suit.

    The only note of caution I would sound is to point out that the one you have has features that make this obviously not a dinner jacket (two buttons, flapped pockets and the plastic (?) buttons) and black trousers will lack the stripe of satin or brocade down the leg. These are small things but they will stand out if everyone else is different.

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