I'm a partner in a business. I could sit in my office all day, but that would be worse than death for an active
person like me. We build custom product models for the electronics industry. I love working in the shop,
so that's what I do most of the time.

If I want a shirt that fits and looks ok, it has to be a dress shirt where the neck and sleeve size is specified.
S-M-L, etc. is no good. I need to "dress up" if I'm going to lunch with clients for a couple of hours. Most of
the time I wear rugged work cloths in my shop. It's not uncommon for me to change my cloths three or
four times in one day! I might wear a dress shirt for 90 minutes. That's why it's not logical for me to spend
a bundle on this type of shirt.

I can buy several solid color dress shirts for under $20.00 from a company like Blair. They're fine, but I prefer
dress shirts that have an attractive pattern. I'm tired of googling the web for low priced dress shirts with
a pattern. There must be sites similar to Blair that have inexpensive dress shirts with a pattern.

Can someone point my browser in the right direction?

Thanks guys.