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    Navy Blazer Advice

    Hey guys,

    Extremely new to the site, but I've been thinking about getting a navy blazer for a while, and as I'm starting my first full-time role in an advertising agency in July (after university) I thought now might be the best time to purchase. I've not got the 200-300 I'd like to buy a really high quality blazer, so I've been looking to Topman and ASOS etc. to try and find one suitable. I've been looking around the 60-80.

    Quick question first:When Topman, for example, bring out a 'premium' range (as they have done with blazers), are the inflated prices really worth paying? Are they actually premium products?

    Today (May 21st 2013) Topman are running a 20% off blazers offer (today only) online, so I'm very tempted to order a blazer, particularly as I think I can get free delivery over 30 also today. Not only that, but I'm still a student which at the moment means 20% off at Topman, and I have 25 Topman vouchers to use. So having looked at their collection, I'm very tempted to give this blazer a go:

    Topman - Premium Blue Cobelli Blazer (please search as I can't post links yet!)

    With it originally being 100, it means I can get it today for just over 40 which I'd be very happy with. I haven't tried it on though so I'm unsure of the fit, and Topman aren't great at describing the fit...

    Is anyone skilled enough to identify what type of fit this blazer will have on me? I'm 6ft 1, size 40 chest (I think - measuring myself again today as its been a while).

    Finally, is it worth a punt???

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    I think it looks like a really nice blazer, it looks like its standard fit for topman and it doesn't mention it being a slim/skinny fit

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    For that price it might be a good blazer to start with. Looks like a nice design that could be worn as part of many different outfits. In general, however, I would say that Topman 'premium' does not seem worth the extra cash. A quick scan of a few items on their website indicates that they are not even made from 100% natural fibres. If I was paying 120 for something with 60% wool from a brand like Topman I would be tempted to save an extra 80 to go somewhere else.

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