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    For decent basics (chinos, denim shirts, casual shirts )H&M for sure. Though the other suspects like River Island and Topman can be alright if you ignore all the bubblegum fluff and head straight for the smarter section (usually situated around the suits).

    Uniqlo also offers decent things from time to time, though I always find they look much better on the models than on me, funny that.

    If I get a bigger pay packet than I'm expecting, I'd go to Reiss. But that is definitely at the top end/for special treats.

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    I've decided that I've got a good small selection of lower priced items which I can mix and match for now and I'm going to start to invest in some more higher priced stuff in the future. There's a good discont shopping centre not too far from me which has some good peices so going to head there soon.

    Ill update the look what I just bought thread when I get them.

    Thanks for all the help!

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