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    Question on slim fit suits (modern cut)


    I just registered on the forum, hoping for some inspiration / ideas. I've been eating very healthy since January and as a result non of my suits fit I'm now 38" chest and 30" waist with 32" legs.

    I've been looking for 2-3 suits to replace my old ones. Last few years I was shopping in Jaeger and Austin Reed, but the cuts are not exactly slim and they look / feel a bit old fashioned. Austin Reed had a modern slim cut but they had gone with plain strong blues and light greys (on trend this year?) which I feel wasn't going to be subtle enough for work this year.

    I've also been in:

    - COS (only a couple of very simple suits, quite cheap material, looked creased)
    - Massimo Duti (fairly plain range, nothing that excited me)
    - Zara (very cheap, all creased)

    I had high hopes for REISS, but considering the prices are quite high the selection was quite plain and the cut also didn't look that modern. Maybe I'm being too picky?

    I have had some success though, I bought one suit in Bannana Republic - BR Monogram charcoal pinstripe, I really like the slim fit and style of this one and it fits perfectly of the rack (350)

    home | Banana RepublicBut all their other suits are quite a bit cheaper looking.

    So question is, can anyone recommend where I can get similar style / fit but with different materials / colours for 300-400 mark? I'd really like a dark blue with a very subtle pinstripe or I have been thinking about a brown - is it back in style...??

    I have quite fair complexion and I find grey makes me look older than I am so that's kind of out

    Sorry for the huge ramble... any suggestions highly appreciated

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    You are familiar with Austin Reed, I see, but you might consider their 'Cut' range, designed by Richard James, which are cut fairly close (though not quite so much as the Nick Hart designed ones). There are some nice and more interesting fabrics there, including some fairly subtle stripes. Lewins have a new slimmer fitting range out too, but theirs do tend to fall in with the solid colour block look that is common elsewhere. Beyond that, my go to recommendation is to try Slater's Menswear, if there is a branch about and just see what they have in.

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