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    Matalan quality?

    I've got my eye on a decent looking Aztec shirt and some chino shorts for the summer and it's only going to set me back a measly 20 combined. Thing is though, it's from Matalan and I've never brought anything there before so I'm wary of the quality especially with the items being sold at such a low price. Is Matalan actually decent or is it just an alternative to Primark?

    Here are the items I'm thinking of picking up...

    Easy Short Sleeve Aztec Print Shirt - Matalan
    Easy Chino Shorts - Matalan

    Any feedback on either Matalan or the items themselves would be appreciated.

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    I actually find Matalan alright for the odd casual piece. Bought a pair of shorts and a print shirt from there last week for holiday. I've previously bought a couple of pairs of chinos from there too - very, very cheap. I think you probably get what you pay for though - it won't last more than a season or two. If you're looking to invest, then swerve it, but if you're looking for cheap seasonal stuff that doesn't need to last (good for trends like Aztec prints - why invest in these when they won't be around in a year or two?), then it's a good option.

    Can't comment on how it compares to Primark though. I've never used it.

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