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    Filling a Wardrobe

    It's come to that time again that I've neglected my fashion for a while and most of my stuff is looking a bit dated and half of it doesn't even fit anymore, so I need a good clear out and a splurge on new gear.

    I know there are many variables but generally speaking I need some advice for what essentials I need (good composition), and what works with what (colours, styles etc).

    My main needs are general casual clothes - going to the shops, house parties etc; and slightly more formal styles such as a night on the town, weirdly this isn't as casual as most might wear. My nights out are once in a blue moon really and it's a bit of a formal get together but in clubs/ bars.

    Aside from those situations I don't really need much, my work is uniformed, I've got sports gear, I do have a summer festival coming up though.

    Any help is much appreciated lads! I really can't do this fashion thing!

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    Thats a pretty big question, instead of posting a load of info on this forum, I think it would be better to go have a read of the Fashion Beans fashion basics articles. Start at the first as they tend to get a bit more specialist as you get more recent!
    Men's Fashion Basics - Fashion Advice For Beginners By FashionBeans

    There is an article on capsule wardrobes that I think could help you too and would actually be a perfect starting place:

    enerally though, stick to classic items first, rather than going for bang on trend stuff.

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