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    What Colour Belt

    Brown and brown, black and black. Does the same rule apply to all shoes? Do you have to wear a white belt with white shoes, or an oxblood one with the same colour shoes?

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    When it comes to formalwear, you must always match your belt with your shoes. (Although I don't need a belt with a suit)

    Casually, I try the best I can but generally I wouldn't have a problem mixing tan, shades of brown and oxblood. You've got more freedom when wearing casual attire so try colours which compliment each other rather than match.
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    Yeah, I agree with Nath - in an ideal world, I would have 10 belts, to match my various shades of shoe, but in reality, I just try to get it in the right kind of ball park e.g. I wear a mid-brown belt with my tan brogues. Probably breaking some rules, but just not got round to buying a tan belt yet. Plus, I think you can get too matchy-matchy if you're not careful.

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