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    Current Trends

    Last Christmas I bought this...

    At the time I bought it, I didn't really see a lot of thick Knit cardigans/jumpers around and didn't see many people wearing them.

    So, almost 12 months later FashionBeans write this...

    Key Textures for Autumn/Winter 2011 – Part 2 |

    ...highlighting thick knit, cable knit and even showing items in similar bright colours as the cardigan I have.

    I'm interested to know whether it's really taken a year for this trend to take hold, or whether some designers are just ahead of the game? Now of course when I say ahead of the game, it's not necessarily a good thing for them. Surely sales won't be as good if they pre-empt a trend?

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    I think cable knits are around every year. It's just that the heritage trend that is big this AW really lends itself to cable knits (especially in more neutral and earthy colours). Throw on a cable knit jumper, indigo jeans, brogues and a tweed jacket and you have a simple, easy to wear heritage styled outfit that looks great and feel toasty warm on cold days.

    I have on a lovely ecru cable knit jumper on as we speak and I adore it. I'm not a fan of brightly coloured cable knits myself. That kind of block colouring always feels more summery to me for some reason.

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    Hey Paul,
    The chunk-knit will and always has been produced and worn all the time. It hasn't taken a year for the chunky jumper trend to take hold, it's taken a year for it to be embraced and reinvented further be designers.
    Don't think of individual items as a trend - trends are like a theme in a novel rather than one scene. See how to combine this chunk-knit from the catwalk and in our articles if you'd like trend guidance.


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    Hmm I agree with the fact chunk knit has always been around, via heritage, but last year in high street shops it became very popular.
    I'm surprised you didnt see more people wearing it.

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