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    M&S Made to Measure

    Has anyone got any experience of buying these? They're currently offering 20% off so I'm tempted to give it a shot. I've got a 17" collar and 38" chest, so finding shirts that fit without a trip to the tailor is a nightmare. It's currently 36 for a standard shirt, up to 47 for their 'Saville Row' range (as far as I can tell the difference is basically fabric quality). Seems a bargain if the fit comes out well.

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    Perhaps worth just getting one for the "formal big event" which basically means a white shirt, also for the sake of the premium service they're offering are you really going to debate spending an extra 11? On another note, I've been pretty impressed with M&S stuff, even down to the basics T's I got in an outlet, however (a bit off topic) I'm a medium but found their small was more my fit.

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