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    If you have a bit more budget, I recently bought some Replay jeans in a skinny fit and I am absolutely chuffed to bits with them

    As for cheaper ones, River Island ones are pretty decent quality imo

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    Pin, you get a lot of your clothing in TKMAXX don't you? Is that where you got your jeans?

    Whenever I go in there, the only jeans I can find are standard boot cut, which are awful.

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    About like levi's 510

    The Topman Stretch Skinny Jean is a very tight cut. They do have one level tighter that they call Spray-On. Both will shrink a touch after they are first washed and dried, making them tighter yet. Due to the lycra, the feel is comfortable, although I find squatting to tie your shoes is not a pleasant experience!

    If you don't mind sharing your height and weight, I could give you an idea how they'll be. (In a given size, a Levi's 510 jean might run 2" larger in the waist than one from Topman. Topman is true to size: a 30 fits a 30-inch waist.)

    I'm 5'9" 125/130 and the stretch skinny is pushing the limit of what I'll wear in public. The Spray-On is like girl jean tight and by that I mean I have bird legs and you can clearly see the outline of my kneecap. They hug all the way down to just above the ankle. Lots of wrinkles along with smooth stretch (if that makes sense).

    Conclusion: unless you're skinny as Hell, the Topman skinny stretch fit could be too tight for you.

    As a suggestion a bit more upmarket than H & M, how about Monkee Genes or Kill City?

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