Hi guys I am 182cm (6footish). Apparently one's armspan should be the same as their height. I have measured my arm span and it is about 180cm, so it is a little bit shorter than what it should be!

I usually buy tops/jumpers/jackets etc in medium or small. I tend to find that size small fits me in the arms i.e. my the sleeves stop at my wrist. Medium tends to swallow my hands a little bit or sometimes quite a lot!

However even though I am very skinny, my 6foot frame still makes size small tight in certain areas and uncomfortable.

Now obviously I can't make my arms longer but at the moment I'm 10.5 stone ... I can go up to 12 quite easily. If I ate a bit more and started working out a bit would the added bulk in my shoulders, across my back and chest help my arms fill out the sleeves on tops?