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    How long should leather soles last?

    I read something online recently where a guy was complaining about the soles of a pair of benchmade shoes he had bought. I'm not sue how long he had them but he seemed to think the wear was unacceptable. However, he was wearing them every day.

    I have a pair by the same company and one sole has worn a hole, but the heels and the other sole are still fine. I've had them nearly a year, but only wear them once a week and look after them properly.

    Do you think that is unnacceptable?

    It will cost a lot to get the company to refurbish them and although I was prepared to that when the soles and heels had worn, I feel as though I will be paying all that money just to repair one sole.

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    It of course depends on how long you walk with them when you use them. But to wear them through in a year, when used once per week, sounds a bit dodgy to my ears. That said, I only own two pairs of leather sole shoes, and I use them pretty rarely, and only in good leather weather.

    Wearing shoes every day is a good way of killing them early though. Shoes need rotation, and should get at least a 24 h rest between uses. Otherwise your perspiration will eat them up.

    If you feel they wear too fast, get them to slap a thin rubber outsole on, which is cheaper to change when worn down. Some would call that sacrilegious though.

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