I bought some jackets and am trying to decide which is best fit for me. I have the receipt and am able to return all back (however the 36S was bought awhile ago so would only get vouchers for that one).

Unfortunately each one has their own advantage and disadvantage. The main issue I am having is with the sleeve length and overall length (not shoulders):

- 36S: while it shows the little bit of shirt (as is 'the rule' according to research), it feels like it shows alot more than that when folding the arms or when walking with bag over my shoulder, the jacket sleeve slides too far back? (see pics of me folding my arms)

- 36M: fully covers my bottom, covers my arms and doesn't feel like it'll slide back as much to show too much shirt, but looking on the side it seems too big/long (see side pic)?

- 38S: while the sleeve and length is fine, it just looks abit too..'broad', width-wise. When lifting my arms, does it look too baggy (see last pic)? What do you think?

I like to get a second opinion from others. Let me know what you think looks best on me. Thanks

(pics follow in next posts)