Hi everyone, First of all I'd just like to say thank you so much fashion beans, I have learnt a lot from visiting the website. Have been following fashion beans for almost a year now and my god its been a godsend. I went from 'anything + jeans combo' to anything but THAT! Appreciate all the hard work being put into this website.

ok back to the topic.

I'm sure many of you will have a similar problem to me. You see a great looking bag on display in a shop and it is immaculate with a great shape, however after you have purchased it, the form isn't as perfect as the one on display.This is mainly due to the fact that display bag has something inside it to maintain its shape.

My question is: are there any ways to keep the bag in shape so that it doesn't look floppy.

of course one solution is to fill it up, but there are times when some of the contents get taken out and/or you may not necessarily have a full bag all the time.

Another solution would be to get a high quality and expensive bag however I personally don't think I can afford bags which cost 100s.

This could be for many bags but for me im talking specifically about duffel bags