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    Creating an insane capsule wardrobe for both business and casual. Tips needed!

    Ok, I'm on a very very tight budget at the moment. I am a student, but I am also starting up in business.

    My clientele will vary greatly in their business cultures and I want to be able to dress in a way that will instill confidence, but not alienate them. So versatility is key. I'm looking for idea's on how I can use elements of the same outfit to try and make it appear as I am wearing something completely different, as opposed to being known as 'the guy who always wears the same suit'.

    Currently, I have the below that could be possibly worn in a professional context...

    A very nice grey suit.
    White dress shirt.
    A selection of more casual shirts, (check, blue, etc.)
    Black Brogues.
    Brown Oxfords.
    Black Belt.
    Brown Belt.
    Black Tie.

    Any Idea's on what to buy to add some flexibility... on a tight budget!

    Any and all help would be very appreciated!

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    I would get a couple more plain smart shirts - pale blue, pink, etc. and a few different ties. A burgundy/navy knitted tie is always good, or some subtle stripes.

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    Decent pair of slim, indigo denim (H&M can be quite good on a budget) and maybe a causal - ish blazer? might also want to look at knitted jackets or more structured cardigans for the relaxed meetings etc.

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    How smart are the trousers to your grey suit? I personally really like the look of grey with a navy blazer, it's a bit more casual than a full block colour suit and a navy blazer can be worn with other bottoms, a dark pair of jeans for example for a more casual look if you ever have a lunch meeting or something of that ilk.

    As well as the suggestions above, a few complementing accessories can change the look of a suit or outfit so I would suggest a few different ties, pocket squares etc. You can pick them up pretty cheap and although they aren't always first on the list you should consider it. People will take notice of well placed accessories and remember them other than the suit you are wearing if it is versatile enough.

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