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    Help me dress for my wedding day

    Hi All,

    Long time forum observer, first time poster. I need some help with accessories for my wedding... have got to the stage where Iíve overthought and over-attempted all possible options to the point where I now have chronic decision fatigue, and feel like I need a fresh view.

    I would greatly appreciate your suggestions as to what shirt, bow tie & pocket square you would wear with the below:

    Iím wearing this Burberry Suit Ė itís a slim fitting 100% wool, grey/white/teal melange ( The teal is very faint, and the overall colour impression is grey. Will be wearing it with my Mr Hare patent-capped oxfords , and will have a billy button boutonniere.

    Itís a daytime wedding in Spring, but the event will take me thorugh to the evening reception. The event itself will not be formal. The ceremony is outdoors, at a city rooftop Art-Deco terrace and cigar bar. Think wicker and timber seating, shrubbery, and black/white check tiling. Dress code for guests is Lounge Suit.

    Overall it will be a very relaxed and playful event. As such Iím looking to add a bit of outdoor, sporting playfulness to a cocktail look. I like to mix fabrics, so am thinking a linen bow tie, could relax the outfit a little.
    Bride is wearing a white / musk embroidered floor length gown (Slight Art Deco style), groomsmen are mixing black wool suits with Gitman vintage linen polka dot bowties.


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    I like the pick and pick fabric. Subtle and interesting, in the close up photo of the chest it almost seems to have a check pattern to it.

    What might I team it with?

    To some extent this will depend on your colouring. If you have high contrast tones (fair skin and dark hair, like the model in the photographs, for instance) I would definitely wear a plain white shirt. If you have lower contrast colouring (fair skin and pale blond hair or olive skinned and dark hair) then you might want to wear a shirt that is closer in tone to the suit - a very light grey is unusual but effective or off white ecru.

    In terms of ties, I would personally wear a four in hand tie, probably a grenadine or something similar. The subtle texture would work well with the texture of the suit. If you are going for a bow tie, however, I'd still be looking for something with a texture or pattern that works with the suit. Polka dots, mini spotted or micro pattern ties would go well. If you want to introduce colour then blues, reds and pinks would be appropriate.

    If you are going for a bow tie then my one main piece of advice is please do buy a self tie one, however. They are not that difficult to tie - ten to twenty minutes practice and you'll wonder why anyone thought it difficult - and they look so much better than fake ones. Even the best pre-tied ones always look like they are pre-tried. They are far too perfect and lack any of the dash, individuality and life of proper tie up bow tie. If you ignore everything else, follow this.

    You might want to consider a patterned silk scarf (dots again?) to take you through until evening. Evening scarves are a great touch for a formal evening do and spring evenings can get cool and the scarf won't just be affectation. A touch of glamour, a touch of elegance and - with the spots - a hint of playfulness.
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