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    Quote Originally Posted by Nat View Post
    Nothing wrong with a suit from Next, mind, if it fits well, with some alterations.

    In terms of shirts/ties/squares, Navy is a good colour to match with. Think lighter blues, white, light pinks, burgundy.

    White shirt with burgundy tie is a classic combo, but might be a bit "office wear".

    In terms of accessories, have fun but don't overdo it. E.g. if you opted for a collar bar, then maybe forgo the tie bar, and vice versa.

    Also, don't get too "matchy". Wear a contrasting or complementing pocket square, or a white one to match the shirt, rather than getting one that exactly matches your tie. that can look a bit 80s.

    Think about your socks too. And decent shoes. Little finishes touches like that can make or ruin an outfit.

    Good luck. I expect some bloody pics after this too! ;-)
    I agree 100% mate there is nothing wrong with Suits from next. My point was allot of kids will buy a suit from Next and not make alterations and the suit won't fit properly. Which is fine but the original poster is after that something special and wants to stand out and has saved some cash so a suit from Next with no alterations won't fit his criteria (Unless he is very very lucky - I bought a suit from French Connection and it was like it was hand made just for me so it can happen).

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    Has anyone bought any of the new zara coats ? Really wanted the navy herringbone one in the lookbook but its out of stock I'm also on the look out for a coat

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