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    What shoes to go with a chocolate brown leather bomber jacket?

    Hey all, new to the forums and looking for some immediate expertise! I've had said jacket for a few years and its worn in very nicely, goes with plenty of threads but always struggled to get the perfect shoe combination. White leather converse seem to undermine its aesthetic even in casual looks so I've normally gone for sand coloured suede desert boots but they aren't so practical for when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Of the other shoes I own, dark brown brogues and navy desert boots don't seem right either. Is it possible to wear tan leather brogue boots with the jacket if the boots are matched with a tan belt, or would 2 that contrast look wrong? Any suggestions appreciated to resolve this first world problem...

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    Tan and chocolate...humm...I think they might work (might being the operative word here without seeing their hues). On top of my mind, navy and chocolate brown actually coordinate and I have seen people wearing the same combo. If you post pictures, that'd be more helpful.

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