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    New wardrobe


    So I am going to go shopping tomorrow for some fall clothing. So let's go with the mindset that I am a total noob at shopping. I am going shopping just for casual college wear and I'm on a budget of say $300. How many bottom/top combos should I go for? For instance, 2 bottoms 4 tops. Any color recommendations? I want this wardrobe to last about for a month until I am able to scrounge up a few more bucks to add in a few more pieces. Thanks.

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    I would pick up some classic pieces that all work with one another. Best bet for college casual wear would be twill and heavy cotton Chinos, corduroy trousers, flannel button down shirts, oxford button down shirts, jeans, classic crew neck raglan sleeve sweaters, and other knitwear that suits your style.

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