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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
    I didn't mean to cause offence to anyone on here.
    Oh, I wasn't offended, just objecting to having my opinion dismissed, because you seemed to think it wasn't well-reasoned (which it perhaps wasn't in the initial post).

    @Sam123: Yes, you're right about fashion transending into art, and I didn't mean to dismiss fashion trends altogether. I personally tend to avoid the extremes and the latest crazes, mainly because iof the reasons I gave in my previous post, but there's also another level to it. Things that look good on picture or on the runway, or indeed on the red carpet, doesn't always translate so well into an every day situation. And, there's also a lot of things that translates badly into the mainstream. Things that, while done/worn by just the one or two people can look really cool and original, become ridiculous and just ugly when everyone starts doing it.

    But of course, when it's all said and done, we're down to personal preferences and taste. So there's really no right or wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
    I didn't mean to cause offence to anyone on here. I was just frustrated to read comments instantly criticising a product without having the knowledge to either wear them or how they could be worn.

    Fashion changes constantly, fashion is heavily related to what is in trend and what is of the moment. That is why twice a year the trends change. I think a lot of people on this website are led to believe that an outfit consisting of a blazer, chinos and brogues is fashionable when ultimately it is not. Now before anyone takes offence to this, calm down. The outfit is stylish and classy, but not fashionable.

    I still don't know quite what I'm trying to get at. Like I said before, people who criticize a product without seeing it worn correctly annoy me and that's probably what caused my originally comment.
    Charlie, I hear you loud and clear.
    See my previous comment at the top of the second page.
    I think your distinction between being stylish and fashionable is extremely poignant, however it is important to realise how one can transcend into the other.

    An item like Meggings will never become stylish, and nor will tin-foil trench-coats, however t-shirts with minimal tin-foil detailing have strong potential to enter a stylish wardrobe.

    I think the key to being a fashionable person is realising what underpins stylish clothes, and thus taking key items from fashion-forward collections and inserting them seemingly into said wardrobe. Leather jackets are a craze at the moment and thus a fashionable person will be purchasing the jacket with a detachable fur collar, rather than one with the collar stitched in place.

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    As some users have been saying already, there is a huge difference between being stylish and fashionable. Like runway stuff is only suited for the runway. In this case with the meggings I can see it being transferred to everyday life. Like in the lookbook you could easily wear shorts over them. I don't see anything wrong with them and would wear them.

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