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    Barbour waxed jackets

    What is your general opinion on these?

    As a casual jacket I quite like them and I am thinking of investing. They are perhaps becoming a little bit too prevalent on the high street but I won't let that put me off. They tend to last for years if re waxed so it could be a good purchase.

    Barbour International Waxed Fog Parka Jacket MWX0570 - Black

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    Big fan of Barbour. However when I looked at their wax jackets I couldn't justify the cost. Hunter do a lovely 3 in 1 wax jacket for just over 119.
    Yes, they'll last but a rewax by them every 3-5 years doesn't come cheap and to do it yourself just isn't worth it.
    I struggled to find a proper coat for this winter and settled on a cheapo sub 30 wax oiled jacket jobbie from the bay.

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    Can't comment on the quality of their jackets.

    Can only comment on the aesthetics available to me when I look at them on many sites.

    Hideous jackets.

    Majority of them anyway.

    Never seen the appeal, plus the majority of people nowadays wear these quilted ripoffs from M&m direct which try and replicate the Barbour's.


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    I really like them, the utility of them - the multiple pockets are very useful and the coats with handwarmer pockets are really good when it gets colder. The smell of wax is great, just need to keep them in a cool place away from other clothes when storing. Rewaxing is not a problem, just get your jacket out in one of the last hot days of summer and outside or in a hot conservatory rewax it with a cloth and the melted wax - its simple and easy to do and this way will only cost you the price of the wax (plus energy for putting the wax in boiling water) see guides on the internet for how to do it.

    It depends how it complements the rest of your ensemble as to which style and cut is best, the one you suggest is similar to the Biking International jacket although without the belt. One look I don't like is the hipster style where they buy a smaller chest size (meaning the sleeves are too short) on the relax fit models (Bedale/Beaufort). Have a look at the new Heritage collection and collaborations as well as they have a trimmer cut (what Barbour call Regular cut, in my opinion is closer to slim fit, without being too tight). Also the Barbour for Japan that they sell on end are also slim fit versions.

    I think the poster above is referring to the quilted jackets?

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