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    This was greatly inspiring and reassuring at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naboo View Post
    Bumping a thread I made a bit back but thought I'd update everyone. Have been really busy so haven't had chance to come online.

    After going shopping and getting to grips with things (myself included) a bit more I have realised I'm not restricting my style nearly as much as I originally was and I'm enjoying clothes a lot more. Have invested in some nice slim dark jeans, a denim jacket, some nice cable knit jumpers, uniqlo checked shirts and a few plain t shirts. I'm even thinking of investing in a leather biker jacket having seen a nice one in a local vintage shop and have a pair of Dr Martens on my christmas list. Who am I? Lol

    Also since I have been getting more confident I can't believe how things have changed, I am regularly in the gym (still getting there), eating much better, I have managed to land myself a new job and have even started dating someone new after 2 years of dealing with my depression and not being able to meet girls. (The new girl just so happens to be a fashion blogger/journalist too).

    I've basically just banged my own drum a whole lot but I wanted to thank you guys for some of your advice in here as I am truly a new person.

    PS. There is an Urban Outfitters opening up in my home city in 2 days, excited is an understatement.
    Buddy this is great news - chuffed for you. And I now expect to benefit from your new-found expertise with regular contributions on this site!!

    All the best.

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