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    CELLULOID STYLE: Plein Soleil - Delon & Ronet

    CELLULOID STYLE: Plein Soleil (1960) - Alain Delon & Maurice Ronet

    Having recently joined this forum and read Fashionbeans Grant Bradley Ford's excellent 2011 article on the The Talented Mr Ripley. I thought I'd mention a film I have been banging on about for years to friends and anyone who would listen, which has recently been re-released as a Special Edition - digitally restored version on Blu-Ray & DVD and has been shown in selected cinemas this month.

    Plein Soleil aka Purple Noon (1960) the French adaptation and the first cinematic adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's novel The Talented Mr. Ripley!le-blazer-regate

    Both main characters played by Alain Delon & Maurice Ronet show a high fashion-conscious sense of style. Whether this was heavily influenced by Director René Clement's wife, Costume Designer Bella Clément, or both actors very own personal sense of style, it worked a treat. Set against the backdrop of Ischia, Rome or on the boat on the glorious Med, this is a riveting thrller and a visually stunning film to watch. The clothes that both Delon and Ronet wear are something you would want to wear today when galavanting around the style spots of the Med or wherever the mood happens to take you!

    redingote - L'illustré - Plein Soleil

    Watch it... I have - several times!
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