Dear stylists of Fashionbeans and "what to wear" gurus. I've just found your site today and spend hours looking through photos and advice... I think it's an awesome site and I have found many many wonderful ideas on what and how to wear it. In fact you are now at the top of my ‘favorites’ list. However, I have the following predicament and here is where I could use your expertise. I need advice on what and how to dress in general when all these 3 things happen at once and for me they happen all the time:
  1. It’s night time, it’s around 10 Celsius out (at my country average temp through the year is 30 degrees C. with 45C being max and 5C being min… So you see 10 C is cold for us. I only say this because I see tourist wearing t-shirts in this weather whereas we “locals” wear 3 layers of clothing)
  2. When you are in a club, it tends to get hot. Think overcrowded small places with too much smoke (yes unfortunately in my country antismoking rules for inside exist but are not enforced yet)
  3. Finally 3rd and most irritating factor to account for is that I dance in clubs. ALOT! So I consequently sweat a lot. So wearing too many clothes doesn’t work for me. Clothes have to be comfortable to be able to dance and light so I don’t sweat a lot. And no, not dancing is not an option. I prefer to stay home if am just gonna stand around looking pretty with a drink in my hand. But don't go thinking BBoy dancing. Just that one guy in the club that dances more than most.
So you see I need advice on what to wear which is casual, light, but combined with a bit of something to keep me warm while am going back and forth from my car to my going out destination. Jeans and a T-shirt would be an obvious answer with a jacket but seeing how beautifully you combine clothes here I was hoping on some advice that would give me an edge by keeping me warm when outdoors, fresh indoors , comfortable while dancing and at the same time up to date with my times.

Don’t know if it matters in your decision making on clothes but I am 34 years old, 1.77cm and quite fit but not over buffed. Think tennis players not gymnastics.

Looking forward to your suggestions and please move my topic if I have accidentally posted in the wrong place as I am a newby on you site/forum.