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    Personally I've learned with certain items you're better off spending a bit more than you want to on something that you'll get loads of wear out of. I used to buy 25 topman jeans every few years and they'd start to fray and discolour so quickly! Ended up spending 40 on a pair of indigo Gap 1969 jeans that I practically live in. The same way my 35 ASOS desert boots lasted about 10 months before falling apart, whereas my Clarks ones are still in great condition.

    I agree on the whole going cheap on accessories/basics like white tees you'll most likely wear jumpers/cardis on top of. As a student myself I know how tight money can be, so the process of building a new wardrobe will be a slow one I'm sure. Not sure what the temperatures are like in New Zealand, but I'd start out with a nice slim fitting pair of jeans, one or two jumpers/cardigans you'll get lots of wear out of and build from there. As I mentioned before, I recently bought some Clarks desert boots and again, slightly more expensive than I'd have wanted to pay but I wear them all the time. I rotate between those and a pair of New Balances I love, so no need to spend a huge amount on loads of cheaper pairs of shoes that'll fall apart in no time.

    I think ASOS is a pretty good place to start, you can get some jumpers for 20-25, same pricing for shirts and by the time you've spent about 200 on jeans, jumpers, shirts and a pair of shoes/trainers you think will work with a lot of your clothes, you'll be well on your way.

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    I have loads of experience with aliexpress so here are my 2 cents (my business uses it!):

    There are literally millions of products on AliExpress, and at awesome prices because your benefiting from massive economies of scale, but buying direct from factories. The hard part is finding the gems - That's why we made, which is all the coolest products from Ali that you can trust to be dope.

    here's what you've gotta consider when buying:

    1) Order Quantity
    Obviously we can have more trust the more times an item has sold.
    Be aware though that occasionally products start with a massive discount to ramp up their prices, then return to normal price but have a high volume. The order quantity is still valuable, but it may not necessarily be much better than a cheaper less expensive alternative.

    2) Buyer Rating
    This is the out of 5 stars review on products, anything over 4 is generally reliable. With less than 4.5 I would always scroll down and read the review comments to see why the low review. Sometimes it's the product was actually misleading and users picked it up in the reviews.
    Be warned though, there seems to be a way to review products without purchasing them, as seen in cases where there are more reviews than orders.
    Also we've ordered products that had great reviews, but when it arrived was different from the description. So either the review wasn't truthful, or the product changed.

    To be certain, always read the product comments.
    For example this item has 94.7% positive feedback, but it may be a bit misleading that it's literally just the elastic headstrap, no Google Glass..
    Reading the comments would have saved us some office embarrassment

    3) Description
    Make sure you read the description specifically. On lower price items you may be willing to take the risk, but on more expensive items read every line. Sometimes there a cheeky things in there, as in the headstrap example above.

    4) Store Score
    Stores are also scored based on their order volume and reviews.
    You can see a stores basic metrics on the right hand side of the product screen. If you click on the store name, then click on "Feedback" in the menu bar.
    You'll be able to see a stores seller ratings over the last 1, 3, 6, 12 months and overall. Finding a store with 95%+ rating is a good factor when trying to find reliable products.

    5) Guaranteed Genuine
    All products on AliExpress are covered by certain guarantees, however some suppliers can also provide a Guaranteed Genuine badge.
    As described here, branded products can be can be 100% Guaranteed to be genuine items. Fantastic when shopping for those legit Nikes

    Also don't forget AliExpress provides a fairly comprehensive buyer protection and negotiation process. In our hundreds of orders we've yet to have been legitimately ripped off. Most suppliers are concerned with their star ratings so have either resent items, or refunded the sale.
    The key is to file complaints while still covered by buyer protection. Don't worry they'll email you about your buyer protection expiring.

    Other than that there are some awesome deals on there, and don't forget to check out Thieve. The bigger the site gets the more products we can add and review! hope that helps someone out.

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    yep, badgerman needs to go. assume you've dealt with yesimunique


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    Do you have Zara in New Zealand? They do allot of chinos and jeans for between 20-35 euros (good price for what they are), and they also a reasonable range of blazers for between 50 and 100 euros, plus reasonable oxford shirts for between 20 and 40 euros. Im not sure sure if those prices are comparitable to average clothes costs in NZ etc, but here heir not expensive at all. Ive never come across a problem with their quality (although some apparently have), and their clothes are very slim fitting as well.

    If not, ASOS may be your best bet. Try keeping to their ASOS own brand stuff, instead of the designer gear to keep costs low. Only thing with ASOS is size down id recommend, they always seem a size larger than advertised in my experience.

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