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    Winter Coats: Opinions, opinions!

    Have been told by many people that once you get a down coat you'll never want to live without one and that they are unrivalled for warmth.
    Uniqlo's offerings are options, but I've been scouring online looking for some ones that are maybe a little more designed, stylish & sleek.
    Has anyone heard of Bosideng coats? Found them via an old GQ link from last winter.
    Wanted to see what you guys thought as always.

    Hooded Down Flannel Jacket | Bosideng London


    Tweed Wool Mix Down Jacket | Bosideng London

    Reckon they'll be thick & warm enough to see me through the depths of winter?
    Like em?

    Cheers boys, as always.

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    The first jacket looks cool. Out of their collection, I think the blazer works well too.

    Where are you from? Here in the UK, we don't really get temperatures below -5, and while that's cold, it's not that extreme to require more technical fabrics. I can, however understand the appeal for down filled jackets if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

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