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    Makeover Required

    Hey guys, I figured since this is my first post I'd do an introduction. I am a 22 asian dude from Vancouver, Canada........that's it.

    I'm looking to revamp my closet as I feel like I have too many items from random high school phases still circulating through my outfits.

    I like clothing items that can be used in more than one outfit. i.e. mixed and matched

    I enjoy the asian/korean styles (items off yesstyle) and I think that suits me and my body type the best. (average skinny asian dude)
    Nothing too showy though, things like brogues are a bit out of my comfort zone.

    What items are a good must have to put together some solid outfits?

    I'm looking at everything from shoes to jackets.


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    As someone else who just started updating their wardrobe, I suggest the basics. OCBDs, good slacks in a cut you like, both in various colors and a solid pair of leather shoes with a bit of flair to them to tie the outfit together. Wingtips or bicycle toe oxfords, perhaps.

    Jackets...I've had poor luck with them. I can't seem to find anything in remotely my price range that both fits my shoulders and lets me lift my arms. I've given up on the lower end and have taken to trolling the local goodwill hoping that someone will have donated a 52 long with decent sleeves. The two I have are a navy blazer and a herringbone sportcoat, both Van Heusen. Which both work fine as long as I don't have to lift my arms above my sternum, and allow me to mix and match different trouser/shirt combos and usually have a jacket that goes with the result.

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